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The impact of COVID-19 on Gymnastics Centers

How COVID-19 has impacted the entire class-based industry, including Gymnastic Centers, Dance Studios, Swim Centers, Dojo's and more.

Thousands of clubs across the nation have closed their doors

Thousands of clubs across the nation have closed their doors, laid off their employees, and have applied for small business loans. After state representatives ordered all non-essential business to close down, the class based industry took a massive hit.

These clubs are incapable of offering their service.

These clubs are incapable of offering their service. If these businesses can't offer their classes, coaches can't come to work, and parents won't be bringing their children to class. This means people won't be paying tuition, and day by day, parents drop from their enrollment. Not only are these clubs faced with no potential future income, they are forced to refund their clients.

The damage is catastrophic.

The damage is catastrophic. I've had the chance to speak to hundreds of club owners for the past month, and they are all telling me they don't know the future of their business, and if it will continue to survive.

So what's the solution?

So what's the solution? As a last resort, many clubs have been implementing online classes for their currently enrolled members by using apps like Zoom and Youtube, however this isn't a monetary solution. This plan of action will help keep the relationship between club and member, but will it justify the club charging tuition when there is millions of Gymnastics tutorials online for free?

The answer is no, and our Gymnastics Center (Gymnastics USA Winter Garden) knew this to be true. This is where our company made a major shift, and came up with a Solution to still provide our service (Coaching & Instructional feedback) and allowing our members to pay for it.

We created The Gymnastics USA Home learning Program.

Professional coaches provide training for all levels of gymnastics through daily Live Video Streams, while the Athletes can participate by practicing along in their living room and backyard by utilizing a small mat, or on the grass. Our coaches track and communicate with the athletes, by utilizing

This software allows athletes to update their skill progress directly and instantly, by submitting their skill videos online to their coach (This is how we continue offering our service, and have parents pay tuition for it) After each class, the coaches provide feedback to the athletes by reviewing, rating, and commenting on their progress as provided by their video submission.

Can my club do the same thing?

If you're wondering, can my club do the same thing? The answer is yes. We've also provided this service to over 60 clubs across the globe, more information can be found here:

Shortly put, this program includes:

1. Daily Live Video Lessons

2. Customizable Home Gymnastics Skill Charts and Lesson Plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced (good for both rec and competitive). Skills all designed for safe at home gymnastics!

3. Online Skill Tracking Platform with *below pricing is the same for organizations that already have a MSC account

4. Marketing material to promote to your clients

5. Onboarding support for your clients and staff

6. Unique Website Page for your Club with your Club's unique links and branding.


During times of social distancing, there is a way to keep your families happy and ensure they benefit from real training and online coaching feedback.

This virus has caused a major shift in the industry, clubs are now being more innovative than ever by offering online classes. However it's the feedback that justifies a parent to enroll in a program.

For more information, or advice call (407)449-8944

By Adam Fontana, Vice President of My Web Solution.

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