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Top 5 trends for 2021

1. Creating an online shop with "Print on Demand"

Buying a bunch of branded apparel with hopes that people buy it can be risky. Instead you can integrate an online store with companies like "Printful" who do print on demand. Print on Demand is when your items are not created until the customer places an order, allowing you to not fork over the upfront cost of buying merchandise. They also handle the packaging and shipping of your products so you don't have to pay someone to do so. Now you can have your branded merchandise on your website for people to purchase, without having to place orders, shipping items, or restocking.

2. Creating a Home Learning Program for your club.

How often do you have a parent ask "What should my child be doing at home to improve their skills?" Instead of showing them a bunch of stretches or conditioning, you can point them to your online home learning program that they can enroll in, which is more effective, and safe.

What if your club is suffering from severe weather and it has to close down for a week? Maybe it's a hurricane, or maybe it's a blizzard. If you can continue to charge some type of enrollment fee for members who are enrolled online, this will save you from going revenue-less. If you want a pre-made home learning program,

3. Getting your club on Pinterest

Our club, Gymnastics USA just recently started posting on Pinterest and the results are amazing. In just over a month we've had 17 thousand viewers on our Pinterest board. This is mainly because the average pinterest user is mothers and daughters. Pinterest also does a great job at directing traffic to your website.

4. Online training for your staff

This is a game changer for clubs, because who really has the time to train every single coach, and every single admin employee. What you can do is create videos online that teaches your staff all of the basics of their positions. There are platforms that let you create quizzes on the training videos so you can confirm they watched them. Don't forget there are many resources like the National Gymnastics Curriculum or MySkillChart.

5. Membership Levels for your club

Most clubs have a basic "Membership Fee" when signing up, which most people find useless whenever signing up for classes, because the fee doesn't give the customer anything. If you have multiple membership levels, you can increase your revenue substantially, along with making each and every customer happier because they feel like they're receiving something with each package.


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