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We are a Faith-Based company, with traditional conservative values, who prides themselves in patriotism.
Welcome to My Web Solution
Client Satisfaction with a Focus on Innovation

We are a full stack Software & Web Development company that has provided many different businesses, across all types of industries, with online marketing solutions. 

Stars and Stripes Management Systems is a resource and management company. Stars and Stripes Management owns and operates proprietary ‘business to consumer’ entities, as well as, ‘business to business’ entities such as software, curriculum, web-design, digital marketing, and call center services.


Our largest asset is our staff, and we are proud to employ over 100 individuals through our various companies. Together, we believe in client satisfaction, and with a focus on innovation. We serve over 2,000 clients. Some of our more prominent entities include Gymnastics USA®®, Ninja Kidz®, Climbers Aerial Arts & Fitness® and My Web Solution®.

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Our solutions


Website Creation

Our websites are lead generating, and lead capturing. Not only do we get your potential customer to land on your website, we convert them into a lead once they do.


Search Engine Optimization

We make sure your potential clients can easily find you. We do this by increasing your web presence on search engines by performing advanced SEO on your website.


Content creation

We have a team of content creators who excel in ad copy. Their writing is designed to get the reader to respond or take action.This is how we convert our users into interests. 


Direct Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team specializes in digital advertisements proven to be most effective for small businesses. 


Multi-Media & Design

Our Multi-Media Design team specializes in graphic design, video editing, sound engineering & more. This is the perfect recipe for a captivating ad campaign.

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