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What is My Web Solution?

Founded in 2017, My Web Solution is a digital marketing company providing the class based industry, specifically gymnastics centers, web design, graphic design, social media marketing, consulting, and lead generation services. My Web Solution’s team is composed of software developers, graphic designers, and industry experts for the purpose of increasing enrollment and revenue for clubs within the class based industry.

Web Marketing for the Class Based Industry

My Web Solution is your full service Web Marketing company. We create an Engaging, Creative, and functional Web Presence that serves a real purpose. Our high standards of design, branding, and user experience are our top priority. Our service doesn't stop at world-class websites. We excel in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, and Marketing Campaigns. We're here to do more than design the website of your dreams, we're here to give you a real Web Presence.

Adam Fontana

Vice President of My Web Solution

Adam Fontana has been the Vice President of My Web Solution since 2018. Adam started out at Stars and Stripes as a Social Media Specialist, and as Adam's role in digital marketing and web design started to expand, it was only fitting for him to take on a much bigger role at My Web Solution.

Not only is Adam the Vice President of MWS, but he is also the voice. He continues to welcome new members, and accommodate current ones every single day.

"In today's world, your web presence is everything. My Web Solution is about handling all of your online needs, and my mission every day is to make your life easier as a business owner by fulfilling those needs."

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